We Don’t Talk About Number Four

A photo of a person wearing sunglasses and holding their hand to the camera with a smarmy expression on their face. 

Funkybubbe yoandtheelectric you and the electric #funkybubbe funkybubbe funkybubbe funkybubbe funkybubbe funky bubble hoopsydaisy #hoopsydaisy
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Ultimately, what upset me most wasn’t the deceptions, manipulations, posting maliciously edited screenshots of private conversations, threats of reporting false accusations to the police, or even the doxing, It was their public accusation that I called them every name in the book.

I said in a DM to funkybubbe that they have a “hypocritical and manipulative personality” which I think is an accurate description of them based on our interactions.

Two words? Manipulative and hypocritical? FFS, I could still be calling them (accurate) names to this day and not repeat myself once.

File under: funkybubbe #funkybubbe mistakesweremade #yoandtheelectric #hoopsydaisy

Funkybubbe Yoandtheelectric Grandmasrecords #funkybubbe funkybubbe.tumbler TikTok eurotrash #tiktok

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