2020 Photoshoots: Twenty-Two

I’ve seen this idea in other photo, though usually it’s fabric attached to a backdrop stand. This is wrapping paper attached to a fence. I really like this— I’m looking forward to (hopefully) trying this technique more in the future.

2020 Photoshoots: Twenty-One

I’m often jealous of European photographers who have access to amazing locations like castles and henges that are not Stonehenge. And for good reason. But then I remind myself that the portrait isn’t about the location, it’s about the person. If you do that part right, then an empty schoolyard can become magical

2020 Photoshoots: Eighteen

What does it mean to be a natural light photographer? It means that the brick wall of the underpass near the parking garage of the historic city center you are supposed to be shooting in ends up being one of your best locations of the day. Whoot!

2020 Photoshoots: Seventeen

Operation_mj (IG) is always a lot of fun to shoot, and I never know who exactly he will be or be with. In this case, it was a last minute Halloween shoot in our local historical cemetery (we’ve got a piece of the Maine!) with Rukiahitachiin (IG) as mash ups of Beetlejuice and the NightmareContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Seventeen”