A Form of Flattery

California Sacramento @brea.white November 2021 photoshoot #park #skatepark #outdoors #backdrop #shadow #globe #metal #random

There’s a local photographer whose style I am very jealous of— all warm light, boho, and cottage-core. As you can imagine, she’s very popular and getting more so each day. And just like every other also-ran, I wonder, what does she got that I don’t got? Mostly, I think , a lighter touch.

This is an attempt to capture what she does. And it does not capture it all. I suspect the issue is that we literally see the world differently, both physically and mentally.

I wonder if anyone’s ever done a study on the physical difference in photographers’ eyes and how that effects their photos? For example, I’m legally blind in one eye and have almost normal vision in the other. An eye doctor told me that my brain disregards most of the information coming from my bad eye. Which makes me wonder about how I perceive depth compared to other people. I also have poor night vision- how does that effect how I see shadows and contrast?

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