I’d Rather Have the People

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I’ve been using the loneliness of the pandemic to motivate myself to do more individual photoshoots. I love the photos, but I miss the chaos of group photoshoots. As an introvert, it was one of the few times I enjoyed feeling a part of the crowd. It was the group project I always wanted but never had in school.

I usually get better photos working one-on-one with someone (don’t we all?). It’s nice to see what I can accomplish with creativity and forethought. It would be one of those “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” situations, except, of course, for the 200,000 dead Americans failed by their government and their fellow citizens. That kind of makes it just lemons.

Stop politicizing mask wearing. Stop listening to what someone says is just common sense. Start reading real research— find the studies and read them yourself if you don’t trust traditional media outlets to summarize the studies fairly and accurately. If you trust science enough to read this on the internet while using the other products of science (such as electricity, indoor plumbing, home appliances, prescription drugs, etc….), then maybe you should give science a chance on this one too.

(Or still lemonade, but for me, because if I drink lemonade, I always vomit.)

Covid Connie

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Typhoid Mary. She used to be considered a bad person, but I suspect she would be considered a brave freedom fighter by the Covid Connies in America. We all know a Covid Connie— someone who thinks wearing mask to prevent the spread of covid is a violation of her freedom. She just wants everyone to act like everything is okay because that’s convenient for her.

Don’t be a Covid Connie. Wear a mask. Care about the lives and safety of others. If we work together, we can beat this thing without letting 2 million or more Americans die from a preventable illness.

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