2020 Photoshoots: Ten

Every year right before Daylight Saving Time begins, I schedule as many photoshoots as possible in our local historic cemetery. Miss_Ichor (IG) was the first of this year’s season. It was a great shoot— everything I like to do as a photographer came together in this photo. Cosplay! Props! Location shooting! Good light! It wasContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Ten”

2020 Photoshoots: Eight

So things were going great with photoshoots in 2020. And then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in California. I prudently took a couple of months to see what the research on this *brand new* disease said. Then I took a couple of more months off to see how things went. And then I was just stuckContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Eight”

2020 Photoshoots: Seven

@Liialeone mentioned that she’s been hired for modeling jobs in which the first thing they did was cover her freckles with foundation. I was completely baffled and a little offended on her behalf. My mom told me when she was a little girl, she thought there were white people, brown people, and leopard people becauseContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Seven”

2020 Photoshoots: Five

For my birthday in 2020, I spent a week in San Francisco so I could have the opportunity to work with some of the amazing models in the Bay Area. Bakedbybabe was the first model I scheduled, and it was a great start to the week. I especially love this photo because it reminds meContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Five”

2020 Photoshoots: Four

This was a fun shoot with ciarraparra (IG)— it went from downtown Stockton (rough even by my Fresno-raised standards) to the University of the Pacific (fancy!). I think this photo demonstrates one of my strengths as a photographer— utilizing “found light.” Found light is unmodified natural or ambient light, no reflector, no flash, no whiteContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Four”

2020 Photoshoots: Two

This is from my second shoot with jadejacobartistry (Instagram). There are no photos from the first shoot because I learned the important lesson about checking locations. Just because the parking garage was there last week, doesn’t mean it won’t be a giant hole in the ground this week. Sigh.

2020 Photoshoots: One

I know— I already did this. But I missed my first (and favorite) shoot of the year due to poor organization (I know! What has this pandemic done to me? Who even am I anymore?) So let’s do this again! This is Jkat (follow her at Instagram)! As you can see- she’s an amazing cosplayerContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: One”