2020 Photoshoots: Twenty-One

I’m often jealous of European photographers who have access to amazing locations like castles and henges that are not Stonehenge. And for good reason. But then I remind myself that the portrait isn’t about the location, it’s about the person. If you do that part right, then an empty schoolyard can become magical

2020 Photoshoots: Seventeen

Operation_mj (IG) is always a lot of fun to shoot, and I never know who exactly he will be or be with. In this case, it was a last minute Halloween shoot in our local historical cemetery (we’ve got a piece of the Maine!) with Rukiahitachiin (IG) as mash ups of Beetlejuice and the NightmareContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Seventeen”

2020 Photoshoots: Fourteen

Is it October? Then we’re back in the cemetery. This time with Miss_Ichor (IG). She’s an amazing model, as you can see, and also make-up artist, as you can also see. I don’t think my idea quite worked as well as I had hoped. I think the problem was a lack of more. More wings,Continue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Fourteen”

2020 Photoshoots: Twelve

I couldn’t decide between black and white and color on this one— and then I remembered, I don’t have to choose, this is my blog, duh. Among my favorite things about photographing cosplayers is that they really know their stuff. When I tossed a bag of bird bones and skulls on the ground and said,Continue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Twelve”

2020 Photoshoots: Eleven

The second of my yearly cemetery shoots. Of course I had to schedule a shoot with Jkat317 (IG). She always takes her cosplay to the next level which is perfect for this cemetery. Zoom in on the face paint on Bigfernie94 (IG)— that’s her work and it’s amazing!

2020 Photoshoots: Eight

So things were going great with photoshoots in 2020. And then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in California. I prudently took a couple of months to see what the research on this *brand new* disease said. Then I took a couple of more months off to see how things went. And then I was just stuckContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Eight”

2020 Photoshoots: One

I know— I already did this. But I missed my first (and favorite) shoot of the year due to poor organization (I know! What has this pandemic done to me? Who even am I anymore?) So let’s do this again! This is Jkat (follow her at Instagram)! As you can see- she’s an amazing cosplayerContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: One”