2020 Photoshoots: Thirteen

This is a shoot I scheduled to experiment with using the harsher light of mid-day (and so of course I went and found open shade). But! Look at the great location I found at the same time. Baked_beka (IG) was a great model to work with for this type of shoot. She was totally ableContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Thirteen”

2020 Photoshoots: Twelve

I couldn’t decide between black and white and color on this one— and then I remembered, I don’t have to choose, this is my blog, duh. Among my favorite things about photographing cosplayers is that they really know their stuff. When I tossed a bag of bird bones and skulls on the ground and said,Continue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Twelve”

2020 Photoshoots: Eleven

The second of my yearly cemetery shoots. Of course I had to schedule a shoot with Jkat317 (IG). She always takes her cosplay to the next level which is perfect for this cemetery. Zoom in on the face paint on Bigfernie94 (IG)— that’s her work and it’s amazing!

2020 Photoshoots: Ten

Every year right before Daylight Saving Time begins, I schedule as many photoshoots as possible in our local historic cemetery. Miss_Ichor (IG) was the first of this year’s season. It was a great shoot— everything I like to do as a photographer came together in this photo. Cosplay! Props! Location shooting! Good light! It wasContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Ten”

2020 Photoshoots: Eight

So things were going great with photoshoots in 2020. And then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in California. I prudently took a couple of months to see what the research on this *brand new* disease said. Then I took a couple of more months off to see how things went. And then I was just stuckContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Eight”

2020 Photoshoots: Seven

@Liialeone mentioned that she’s been hired for modeling jobs in which the first thing they did was cover her freckles with foundation. I was completely baffled and a little offended on her behalf. My mom told me when she was a little girl, she thought there were white people, brown people, and leopard people becauseContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Seven”

2020 Photoshoots: Five

For my birthday in 2020, I spent a week in San Francisco so I could have the opportunity to work with some of the amazing models in the Bay Area. Bakedbybabe was the first model I scheduled, and it was a great start to the week. I especially love this photo because it reminds meContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Five”

2020 Photoshoots: Four

This was a fun shoot with ciarraparra (IG)— it went from downtown Stockton (rough even by my Fresno-raised standards) to the University of the Pacific (fancy!). I think this photo demonstrates one of my strengths as a photographer— utilizing “found light.” Found light is unmodified natural or ambient light, no reflector, no flash, no whiteContinue reading “2020 Photoshoots: Four”